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Grand Theft Auto V:
Memory Cheat

A powerfull cheat and cheap!

Games we've hacked!

GTA 5 - €20

Common Questions

Do these hacks need injection?
Yes, at least some of them, we are trying
to step of it but for so far we only have DLL's

What currency do you use?
ALl packages are in EUR if you make a payment
via paypal it will be EUR too, so be peraired
for any tax/extras becoue your currency is lower.

Refunds avalible?
Refunds are avalible for 24 Hours.
If you try to refund via paypal after or within
the 24 hrs your account will be disabled
Refund can be asked via support!

Do i get banned by anticheats?
By our cheats, no. anyway you still can be banned
by "Server Admins". that are just server bans
and will not get your whole account banned

Free trials avalible?
Normally no. exeptions can be made for example
You have enough subs and you wanna review
our cheats. just contact the support.

Any discounts?
Discounts can be given via discord or if
there is some kinda special event going on.